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Voice Lessons

I have been a performing and teaching vocalist for over 3 decades. I've worked with some of the most well-recognized professionals and have taught and performed with many prestigious musical organizations. I have sung in 9 different countries and I'm proficient in all musical genres. I hold a Doctorate in Music and have won numerous awards and scholarships throughout my career. Most of all, I have a passion for music that informs all of my endeavors. My teaching involves imparting that passion to my students as they receive a world class musical education, no matter what level they have currently achieved.

I derive my greatest joy from helping someone to discover (or sometimes re-discover) his/her/their true voice, something that ignites a joy and passion for music within them. My favorite moments with a student is seeing that happen and watching a light go on from inside that can never be extinguished. 


Dr. Amerind is an exceptional teacher and perfect for anyone who wants to improve their singing and stage presence. He has an incredible knowledge of the human voice and different styles of singing (jazz, musical theatre, and classical in my personal experience with him). I’ve come away from working with Dr. Amerind with such an appreciation for his talent, kindness, and patient teaching.

Johnny Robaina

Single Voice Lesson $75

This is the rate I charge for a single, one-hour voice lesson that is not regularly scheduled. A student may also take a single half-hour lesson for a rate of $45.

Payment methods

Students may pay in person with check or cash. I also accept payment through Venmo or Zelle. For your convenience, you may pay in the website store. This last option includes a small processing fee.


In-person lessons are located at my home in Tolleson, AZ. Online lessons are also available at the above rates via Zoom.

Weekly Voice Lessons $60

This is the rate I charge for a minimum of 4 regularly scheduled weekly lessons. Weekly half-hour lessons are also available at the rate of $40. In order to receive these rates, STUDENT MUST PAY FOR AT LEAST 4 LESSONS IN ADVANCE.

Referrals Rewards

Refer a student to my studio and receive a free one-hour voice lesson. Referral must sign up and pay for at least 12 lessons.


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